Post treatment

The post treatment options that can be choosen are:


In case you choose untreaded, you will recieve the workpiece as it comes out of the machine. This mean, the cuttings paths can be visible and there is a big chance the part will have burrs and sharp edged. Offcourse this is the cheapest option. If you want, you can deburr or polish the part by yourself.


When talking about deburring, we will use a special cutting tool to deburr all the sharp edges on you workpiece. This is an extra step in our machining process.


During beadblasting, we use glass pearls to treat your workpiece. This gives the workpiece a 'not shiny' finish and the cuttingpaths becomes almost invisible.


Up to now, we do not offer anodisation/paintings. If you want to gain some time and money, you can choose to send the part to a subcontontractor who is specialised in these treatments.