Work Flow

A: You can download free software or a free trial version of some softwares ex. freecad of Siemens Edge, Autodesk Fusion…
A: What you're not able to, you can learn. There are a lot of free tutorials available that you can point in the right direction. If the workpiece you need, is a once-in-a-lifetime, you can ask a relative or friend to help you. Otherwise you can contact a freelancer on one of these known marketplaces: freelacer.com; Cadcrowd.com…
A: That's possible, we do not support all the file types. Are you able to save or export your file in a filetype we can work with?
A: Nope, that is not necessary. All our analysis are based on the 3D model. If there are threaded holes, the only thing you need to supply is a simple but clear sketch that marks which holes needs to be threaded. In the meantime we are working on this issue to find a more convenient solution.
A: No, we have a fixed workflow with his advantages and disadvantages. In our mind, there will be more advantages than disadvantages. If you really need that high level of precision, contact us and we can give you some contact information.


A: At the moment, we only offer aluminum and POM. In the near future, we will add other materials like steel and inox. Please let us know what materials you are interested in, so we can take this into account.
A: Nope, the aluminum types we offer are clearly marked on our website. Maybe in the future we will add more types of aluminum. We can order some special materials for a specific case, but this has an influence on lead time.

Dimensions, tolerances and thin walls

A: Due to automated programming and finishing of the workpieces, we are not capable to adapt our processes to guarantee higher precision. In 95% of the cases we do better than the ISO 2768 (part 1 and 2).
A: Nope, our complete process, stock, cutting tools, toolholders, packaging materials, etc. is defined on these dimensions. In the future, it will be possible these dimensions will change.
A: We are able to create really small parts. At the moment we do not have defined our lower limit.
A: A thin wall is a surface where the ratio of depth to thickness is high. When thin walls are supported by other walls or ribs, they gain in stability. Everything will be analyzed based on the 3D model.

Holes and Threads

A: No, only holes and bores (cilindrical features) will be machined with some overdimension (following H7 norms). Other features like pockets and slots will be machined with a ± tolerance following the ISO 2768 tolerances.
A: That is possible. You just need to design your hole with an underdimension of the H7 tolerance. In this way you will easily create a tight fit.
A: No problem, the common used threads can be added to your workpiece.
A: Our tools have a length depth ratio up to 5. So when a feature is accessible from both sides, we can go up to 10 times the diameter.
A: Why? We follow an ISO norm. Here is stated that 90% of the efforts can be taken by a depth of 1.25x the diameter.

Post Treatment

A: This is done on the CNC machine with dedicated cutting tools in the machining center. Places that can be reached by hand and not with the machine will be done manually.
A: To reduce the cost of the part, you can do it by your own. It is not a difficult operation, it just takes you some time. Be aware for injuries because the part can have sharp edges.
A: On a deburred workpiece, you will still see the marks of the cutting tool. This is an optical phenomena, you will barrely feel it with closed eyes.
A: The demand on these types of post treatment is very low. So we don’t offer it.
A: This is done with 100-200 micrometer glass pearls. This gives the workpiece a non-shiny finish and can be seen as a good preparation for anodization.
A: In case of injection mold, the surface finish is realy important. If you really need a glossy surface, you need to go for deburring and do the polishing by yourself. If the surface needs to be non glossy you can opt for bead blasting. If you want a combination of glossy and non glossy, we are sorry, but we can not offer this.


A: Off course it stays you our property. We will never use your designs. All the images we use for our website or social media will be used with the approval of the owner of these designs. In a lot of cases, we offer a cashback or a voucher for the next order.